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New Concept New Energy

 Nowadays, with the development of the internet of things, people are no more satisfied with the old devices of Security&Protection, which requires complex wire connection, difficult installation, and needs someone to sit in front of many screens and watch there everyday. As we all know, the cost of labors and opeation of using traditional devices are so high but not that worth-while.    

   However, thanks for this fantasty time, as the growth of the internet, things turn to be able to be connected by network, whicn means no more complex system of security surveillance, no more complicatd wire connection, no more high but little efficiency extra cost of human operation, just install the cameras wherever you want to monitor, download an App on your phone, everything in front of the cameras is under your control.  

   People may ask: Just install the camera and you can view it? no need to power it? how does it work? Will I miss something important when I don’t view the camera?

   I should say there is no worry about them, but before answering your question, let’s take a look at the picture of this amazing guy I am talking about: 

1.Solar Power System: which means that there is no need to connect it with Power Adaptor.

2.Built-in 2x 12 AH Battery: It helps it work at night or someday which is rainy and cloudy.

3.Built-in 16G TF Card: It support recording for at least 24 hours, you won’t miss anything by checking the record.

4. what’s more, it supports sim card in case being set up in where there is no wifi signal or network.  

  It is not easy to decribe how amazing this guy is shortly, so if you want to know more about it, just contact me freely.

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