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The factors that affect the video effect of the IP camera

IP Camera is a digital equipment with network transmission capacity.The video effects of the ip camera is affected by many factors, Mainly determined by these factors.


1.the lens

Lens is the first pass video capture, the quality of the lens will naturally affect the effect of the video, although there are many kinds of lenses, However, the effect of the lens focal length on the video effect is worth noting, which means that you should consider whether to select the model of the lens can be replaced, or consider whether to select the zoom lens.


2. image sensor

There are two kinds of CMOS and CCD, in the same pixel imaging, CCD imaging, Octavia has good permeability, color reduction, can ensure accurate exposure. The imaging quality of ordinary CMOS and CCD still have certain gap.


3. video compression algorithm (also called video compression format).

This is the most important network cameras factors currently available on the market network cameras are mainly H.264 and MPEG4 two video compression algorithms. The former has a stronger compression ability, less video loss, more clear and smooth.


4. image format

Image format is to determine the actual pixel of the video image, DVD format and VGA (640*480) format and CIF (352*288) format two, different pixels of the same format, video file size is not the same. If it is not the same image format, we can not just rely on the size of the hard disk to determine the size of the video camera to determine the merits of the network.


5. frame rate

As everyone knows, any video files are composed of a continuous picture, a picture we called it a frame, such as a second video from 25 consecutive images, then the frame rate is 25 frames per second. In the PAL standard, 25 frames / second video can be very realistic expression of the action.


In addition to the above five, the software, infrared night vision capabilities, ultra low illumination, wide dynamic, strong suppression,front-end storageand other factors are also the important parameters of the network camera. In summary, the selection of network cameras need to have some professional knowledge and more patient. Do not choose the expensive only choose the right, hope you can choose the right ip camera.



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