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HD IP video surveillance security solutions

HD IP video surveillance security solutions

IP video surveillance system(HD IP Camera) is a revolutionary technology, which uses standard IP protocol to form the video stream, using the standard LAN / MAN / WAN / Internet as the core carrier of image, sound and data information, in wired or wireless Of the network transmission, the majority of surveillance cameras need POE power supply. You can say how big the network is, how much you can view and record video images, and integrate it with other network applications as a whole system.


IP video surveillance system does not need to use a complex analog video cable to the camera connected to the monitor, and to overcome the digital video surveillance system can only point to point transmission defects, can maximize the benefits for the user.


Program features

HD transmission: analog video resolution is not high, only IP video surveillance can achieve more than one million high-definition resolution. In addition, the analog video signal attenuation is serious, the image quality is susceptible to environmental interference. IP video surveillance systems do not have this problem, because the IP packet into a package of video signals through the computer network transmission can be done without attenuation. No matter how far the transmission, are not subject to environmental interference.


Use of the existing network: the use of computer network transmission of video, without additional installation of dedicated cable and fiber, monitoring front-end and monitoring stations to increase plug and play. In addition, the choice of POE power supply, through the twisted pair will be able to network cameras and other Ethernet devices to provide continuous and stable power supply.


Stable and reliable: transmission lines can be easily redundant network, intelligent management server can be redundant backup, and multi-monitoring center and distributed monitoring or storage. If you connect a "POE-powered device" to a UPS device, your IP-based video surveillance system (IP Camera system) can continue to operate even in the event of a power outage - providing the best solution for critical system power problems.


Security: make full use of network security technology (firewall, VPN), encryption technology, real-time clock, rights management, distributed storage, distributed monitoring and other technologies, fully protect your monitoring information is not ultra vires monitoring, stealing, tampering, destruction.


Reduced costs: IP video surveillance systems can reduce overall cost of ownership, taking into account the increased operator productivity associated with the powerful search, location and video delivery of network systems. In addition, the use of POE power supply, additional weak installation costs are completely saved, because there is no need to provide local power to the terminal equipment. Installation or maintenance, the use of POE power supply does not require the use of specialized electricians.



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