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Recording Technology of Surveillance Industry

Recording technology for surveillance industry can be divided into local recording, external recording and network recordingwe can see the details as follows:


1. The local storage

    Typical applications of local recording is digital hard disk video recorder (DVR), the hard way with built-in image storage.DVR recording is currently one of the most common storage mode, code equipment directly articulated hard disk;

Network video recorder (NVR) becomes more and more popular in recent years, NVR is an upgraded version of analog video recorder and the hard disk video recorder, are realized on the basis of the original DVR from Windows operating system and the computer with the stand-alone operating equipment independently.Because NVR to take highly integrated chip technology, with advanced digital video recording, storage and playback function, coordination and maintenance without computer can achieve higher resolution (1080p resolution) high quality real-time monitoring, and easy to use.


2. The external recording

External recording usually have DAS, disk arrays, JBOD, mainly USES the SATA, USB extension data storage, such as SAS storage agreement, this way is suitable for small and medium-sized deployment, makes monitoring video data by RAIO technology get a guarantee on the reliability, at the same time, the data directly into also obviously, reduced the servers this link, also save the user's investment.But the shortcoming of this technology is not to be shared and lower ability to scale.


3. The network recording

Core technology of network recording mainly NAS and SAN, these two storage agreement during the early into the security market caused a lot of confusion and improper application.At present, we, from the perspective of the demand side to distinguish between the two storage type.

(1) the birth of NAS technology is mainly to solve the different operating system file sharing and interaction between the client.

(2) SAN deal mainly in order to solve the problem of data capacity, provide clients on the TCP/IP network with large capacity of the available space, which is especially suitable for large concurrent data written.

Through the comparison of the above agreement it is not hard to see, IPSAN (ISCSI) for current security standards in the field of video monitoring, and has perfect balance of performance and the architecture is practical.At present some large projects, of course, we also see some FCSAN products, but it is mainly used in the large key store data in the project.

For right now, wanscam ip camera support wanscam NVR and some cameras support 128G TF card,for the cloud recording, wanscam dont support.


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