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How to avoid the two major sources interference of wireless monitoring?

Nowadays, when it comes to wireless monitoring, the most easy to think of another word is: interference.Wireless monitoring brings us convenience, but also deepen the fear of interference, when it is not clear of our monitor signal, we may consider is a interference problem. Outside interference influence our wireless transmission effect. So how do we avoid interference?  

1.Interference of similar equipment                                                                                                         

To avoid the surrounding similar equipment, or the same equipment, signal interference. The signal source of interference signal may be the source of our normal signal within the system, may be due to the same or similar frequency, cause the receiver can not receive signals or receive the same signal, the receiving terminal is difficult to identify. For this situation, we can adjust the frequency of wireless devices, choose a clean channel, or change the location of the radio transmitter or receiver, the distance between the device.

2.Architectural interference                                                                                                                   

 Buildings for the transmission of wireless signals have no small debilitating effect. When the wireless signal passes through any object, it will have a certain frequency of electric signal refraction, make the transmission direction of a certain change, and will cause the signal reflection and attenuation. If you encounter a metal object in the communication, it will increase the attenuation of the signal. Therefore, in the choice of wireless equipment installation position, as much as possible to do without occlusion, the transmitter to the receiver intermediate visual, thus avoiding the attenuation of the microwave signal, the monitoring center can receive the wireless signal strength, thereby improving the monitoring effect.

In summary,Not all devices have interference on the radio, such as mobile, radio, wireless telephone, etc. These are not affected by the wireless microwave equipment.


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