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TV wall CCTV Monitor Design Solution and Proposed Price

TV wall monitor design


1. Large screen configuration 18 sets 32 "LCD monitors, 2 sets of 46" central large-screen LCD monitor. 18 sets "32" LCD monitor can simultaneously display 288 high-definition quality video images Central configuration of 2 sets 42 "LCD monitor, a focus on the parts can be divided into 1/4 enlarged screen monitoring, when the discovery of any regional situation or Abnormal, you can always call the focus of the video image on the central focus on monitoring the big screen.


2. Configure five AN-IP4016D intelligent digital matrix, each LCD monitor can be 1/4/6/7/9/12/14/16 screen segmentation, the highest single screen can display 16 video images at the same time , To achieve 20 LCD TV wall monitor 16-channel video multi-screen decoding output, 20 monitors can simultaneously achieve up to 320 D1 format real-time video decoding display. 5 matrix seamless link between the system self-contained, video images can be freely transferred between each switch.




Monitor TV wall prices

Monitor TV wall quotation is generally about CNY 3,000  a square meter.


Monitor TV wall splicing

     1, according to the size of your control room and how many of the required design of the TV wall.

     2, according to the total investment costs to consider the use of splicing screen or monitor

     3, consider the use of the size of the screen or monitor

     4, the TV wall are tailored, there is no specific model of common argument for example: 3*3, 46 inch LCD splicing.



Dimension of the TV wall monitor

Monitor TV wall best size is 55 inches.




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