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CMOS sensor supply has not kept up with demand soits price rise

According to Japan's economic news  (Nikkei) website reported, CMOS image sensor market for photography, due to the increasing market demand, the original price trend has gradually rise, the price quotation of intelligent mobile phone products,CCTV products in October ~ December 2016 even maintain the same level at the beginning of 2017, expected market demand is not reduced, even the possibility of rising price. 

For the 1.3 Mega pixels of the CCTV product, the unit price fell by 10% at the first ~ the second quarter of 2016, the decline in the third quarter was only about 5% and with the per 2~3usd standard in the fourth quarter.

Reasons leading to CMOS image sensors the price decline slowed, mainly in the high-end Smartphone steering dual lens design, so demand for CMOS image sensors with high mobile phone market nearly doubled; Japan there was speculation in the market, city, smart mobile phone factory to CMOS image sensor orders increase, is also a factor.

In addition, in mid-April 2016 Japan Kumamoto earthquake damaged Sony's Kumamoto factory, until the end of August to fully resume production, affecting the 2016 CMOS supply over the medium term, is a secondary cause.

Now CMOS image sensor ushered in the new development. Market research agency IC Insights pointed out that the mobile phone,Smart home,medical imaging, security monitoring, machine vision applications, will become the new energy driven CMOS image sensor market growth. 


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