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Analog-to-network :Cameras require high performance and economy

Nowadays, more and more users focusing on IP surveillance, because of the maturity of the IP monitoring market, improvement of the network environment and advantages of network cameras.

Multi-functional, more scalable, and low price trend of Network cameras cause the Analog cameras losting the original price advantages. The reason beyond the analog camera is network camera depending on the progress of the popularity of fiber optic and wireless network communications. Network cameras create a wired and wireless network monitoring era. Wireless Monitoring is favored and promoted to the civilian market by many vendors, but the network environment is indeed an important reason for constraintsing the rapid development of network cameras, such as, network instability, slow transmission, and unclear picture quality.


Meet the needs of a variety of typical high-performance network camera surveillance


For monitoring system, HD is a complete definition of the technical concept, including process from the image acquisition to the compression, storage conversion and other processing of the entire image. And for the whole video monitoring system, the front end of the image acquisition device is essential for the camera, the camera's performance is good or bad depends mainly on the quality of the resolution, and therefore a high-performance camera becomes essential equipment. The performance is mainly determined by the quality of the camera image quality resolution. Therefore, a high-performance camera becomes essential equipment. In order to meet the needs of a variety of typical monitor, Wanscam launched a new series of 1 megapixel and 2 megapixel camera, which can solve 50 percent of the bandwidth usage and storage problems.This series including 4 kinds of mini dome cameras, outdoor bullet cameras, indoor robot cameras, outdoor pan tilt camera, can provide a variety of resolution options to meet the different requirements of image detail, what’s more they support SD card storage. Outdoor installation of equipment provide a variety of programs options, including vandalproof, waterproof and dustproof cover, and an infrared LED lights for night surveillance. In addition, also on the zoom lens optimize the viewing angle regulation.

The new network camera system avoid compatibility problems. Wanscacameras can integrate  cameras and third-party’s security software and recording. Wanscam camera is equipped with special video client that is PC software, which has the characters such as,friendly user interface, easy installation, real-time view multiple function, supporting for playback, searching computer forensics and exporting data. Users can also download a free app from Apple's APPStore, even in the condition of low-bandwidth connection can receive high-definition surveillance images via IPad or Iphone.


Network cameras due to their own shortcomings encountered in various problems on the journey of instead of analog cameras.

But with the development of technology and innovation, high-performance, cost-effective network cameras will gradually replace analog cameras. 

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