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Video Surveillance for Villa

Villa area due to the beautiful surroundings, favored by successful people and purchase. Owners in the enjoyment of a better living environment, but also often because of some security problems are disturbed, the villa because people are living in economic conditions to achieve a certain level of successful people, and thus become the eyes of many thieves, each thief want to steal a villa, a big fishing, villa theft security and the theft of the incident to the owners are worried, the installation of security monitoring equipment to protect the owners and family life and property of an urgent need.


How to complete the villa security monitoring program and purchase monitoring equipment?


Step 1: Determine which is used as host, current computer or DVR/NVR.

Use the computer as the monitoring host, the overall investment is relatively low, suitable for familiar with the computer installation, professional staff on duty, functional requirements of more places. The use of embedded DVR does not require professional knowledge, do not need to watch, the operation is very simple, like the use of VCD as convenient, and can expand the storage capacity, do not need to regularly clean up memory video.


Step 2: Determine the number of cameras required and determine the surveillance range and image quality of each camera.

First determine the number of surveillance cameras, and then according to the specific situation to determine the scope of the camera lens surveillance: the camera must be clear to the monitoring point of the distance and the need to monitor the area, we can draw the approximate lens parameters.


The third step: whether to have night vision function.

In the corridors, hallways, corridors, warehouses and other dark places, you can consider the infrared night vision function of the camera, it should be noted that the infrared camera in addition to professional night vision, the infrared camera also requires on-site lighting auxiliary conditions, infrared distance Will be doubled to shorten. If the scene for the garden lawn, infrared effects worse, will affect the monitoring results.


The fourth step: the wiring or the use of wireless.

Step 5: site monitoring and network monitoring. At present, P2P HD Wireless IP camera is the trend, all support Wifi, viewing on smart phone.


With the rapid development of China's security industry, people's security awareness is also growing in many large and medium-sized cities, people choose villas at the same time, home security awareness is also rising, while the decoration of the house put the family Video surveillance installed together. As an integral part of smart home security system will also like the villa home decoration, as the choice of purchase and purchase must be considered after a family expenses. With the appearance and function of home video surveillance more and more humane, home monitoring in the near future will become the home security of daily necessities.


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