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How to calculate the hard disk space used by your Wanscam camera for one day

How much hard disk space is used for Wanscam ip camera for one day?


The hard disk space required for video recording is related not only to the video compression standard, image format and frame rate adopted by the camera, but also to the flow of people in the scene environment. The image changes fast and the code stream is bound to be large. Therefore, usually, the user can be calculated based on the code stream on the camera. Calculated as follows:


Memory Space = Time X Rate / 8 (8 Bytes of a Byte)

Such as the camera's bit rate is 300Kbfs, that is 300Kb per second, that one hour of video file size = 3600 (3600 seconds for an hour) * 300/8 = 13. According to experience, H.264, D1 video surveillance, according to 25 frames per second 5000KB 135M per hour, this calculation. real-time video. Most environments do not exceed 200M per hour.

Here is Wanscam ip camera cost hard disk space for your reference:

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