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The differences between AHD, HD-TVI, HD-CVI technology

AHD Technology Introduction:

Anolog high definition

Definition of 1MP, 1.3MP, no loss of image, no delay, compatible with 960H DVR and AHB DVR, the operation just like the traditional analog products, plug and play, transmission distance of 500 meters.

More clear: more advanced bright color separation, signal filtering, 3D noise reduction technology, so that the image is more clear, better image reduction

High integration: AHD front-end chip ISP and TX combo, more economical and more stable, lower power consumption

Cheap and beautiful: the price of ordinary simulation, high-definition quality products


HDCVI technology introduction:

HDCVI: High Definition Composite Video Interface, a hybrid cable based on coaxial cable using analog modulation technology to transmit progressive video, is an upgrade product under the analog monitoring technology architecture, still belongs to the closed-circuit simulation surveillance system.


Niche transition products, the application of narrow, mainly in the region is not large but real-time requirements of relatively high financial places. HDCVI is not suitable for home scenes, because it can not use the computer / mobile phone direct connection, must use its supporting back-end equipment. Front is non-compressed, resulting in the back end of the Internet The amount of data, although the image transmission can be used on the original part of the analog monitoring of the transmission cable, but the front, optical, back-end need to be replaced. At the same time, HDCVI effective transmission distance of 400 meters, 400 meters above the transmission signal attenuation is serious, there is no signal amplification equipment, so can not achieve more than 400 meters of transmission solutions, and scalability in general, can not integrate intelligent analysis.


HDTVI technology introduction:

HD-TVI is a coaxial high-definition video transmission standard, is a coaxial cable based on high-definition video transmission specifications, as a new analog high-definition solution, but the technology has not yet fully market, temporarily immature.

HD-TVI's technical advantages

In the current analog HD solution, transmission distance, compatibility, cost has been plagued by many manufacturers and users of the problem, in this context, many people are also concerned about the new HD-TVI skills to solve the past Imitate the limitations of high-definition program.


But in my opinion, Full HD IP Camera is the trend, easy connection and operation.


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