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Differences between common ip cameras and starlight cameras

From the camera function classification, the star-level camera is a low-light camera. We call the star-level camera is a low-light camera level, usually in accordance with the following classification:

0.1Lux: dark light level

0.01Lux: moonlight level

0.001Lux and below: Starlight level

It can be said that the star-level camera is in the starlight illumination environment without any auxiliary light source, can still display a clear color image of the camera, is to solve the low light image problems introduced by the camera series.



1. Infrared night vision camera:

Infrared night vision cameras are mainly used in the absence of visible light or shimmer in the dark environment, the use of infrared light active infrared light projected onto the object, the infrared light reflected through the object into the lens after imaging. This approach is the most mature technology, the most widely used, the most cost-effective, become the most common application solutions.


2. White light night vision camera:

But the infrared night as a black and white picture, coupled with the scope of the image by the infrared light irradiation distance restrictions, in some special shooting environment, there will be face and license plate and other details show no obvious weakness.


3. Starlight night vision camera:

The star-level camera is better than the low-light of a normal network camera, and can achieve star-level requirements (in the star light illumination environment of 0.001 lux and below, without any auxiliary light source, can still display a clear color image camera ).


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