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Surveillance cameras continue to lead the development of civil safety schools an

2017 is coming to a close and the new year is coming. Looking back on 2017, the security company struggled to sprint.  The security market showed a flourishing scene.


As a civil security "leader", surveillance camera performance is still brisk in 2017. More and more people are willing to pay for smart cameras, for home users who have both elderly and children, surveillance cameras have become a necessity for home.


In addition to families, the demand for surveillance cameras in places like Kindergarten is also on the rise in 2017. On April 28, the "Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Prevention and Control System for Safety Risks of Kindergartens in Primary and Middle Schools" promulgated by the State Council, and made it clear that "there should be no dead ends in public areas", which means that camera installation in school should be done daily. Moreover, a number of provinces and cities in China have also started the full implementation of the "bright chef kitchen" construction, requiring schools and kindergartens in the kitchen, catering and other areas to install surveillance cameras. The huge demand for schoolyard security has further spawned the expansion of the surveillance camera market.


Looking back on 2017, security companies have always been afraid to slacken, the vigorous development of the surveillance product market inseparable from the security company's hard work.

2018 will open soon, wanscam will continue to overcoming all obstacles, continue to explore and provide better products and services to our customers. Service, Value and Reliability are our commitments to our clients!