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Something About Saturation And Contrast

   As we usually see it on wanscam software and web page, we can see there are some buttons like saturation and contrast,please see the picture below, what does this means?


    Saturation refers to the degree of bright color, also known as the purity of color.Saturation depends on the color in the color composition and the proportion of decolonization composition (gray).The bigger the color composition, the greater the degree of saturation;The smaller the decolonization composition, the greater the degree of saturation.Pure colors are highly saturated, such as bright red, bright green.Mixed on white, gray or other shades of color, is the color of unsaturated, such as dark reddish purple, pink, brown spots, etc.Not fully saturated color no hue, such as all kinds of gray between black and white.



    Refers to the light and dark areas in an image contrast between the brightest white and the darkest black different brightness levels of measurement, the greater the difference range represents the contrast, the greater the difference on behalf of the contrast, the smaller the smaller the range, good contrast ratio of 120:1 can easily show vivid, rich color, when the contrast ratio is as high as 300:1, can support the color of each order.But the contrast ratio and brightness of the same dilemma, now there is no a set of effective and fair standards contrast ratio, so the best way to identify or rely on the user's eyes.


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